Cooper & Thief Sauvignon Blanc

Cooper & Thief

No day in your life should be just run-of-the-mill so why should your wine taste same ol’ same ol’? I love Sauvignon Blanc’s but sometimes it does seem like some brands taste just like the others. Are you adventurous enough to overhaul your Sauvignon Blanc expectations and try something completely different? I believe everyone should always have an Open Wine Mind and experience unique wines because they may become your new favorites….like in this instance for us!

Tonight we are sipping the Cooper & Thief Sauvignon Blanc from Napa Valley that was aged 3 months in Anejo Tequila barrels. This wine is mostly Sauvignon Blanc with a bit of French Colombard and Semillon to round it out. We loved every golden drop of this Tequila Barrel fermented Sauvignon Blanc blend because we LOVE big oaky white wines and this wine is just that. Many of the Sauvignon Blanc characteristics came through but the influence of the tequila and barrel truly set it apart from all the bright and citrusy stainless steel versions we have had before. This was the “Big Daddy” of them all in weight, robust flavor, and being at 16.5% alcohol!

Sauvignon Blanc

Golden straw color in my glass with long, elegant legs. The aroma is intense so you may want to be sitting down when you give this wine a whiff. Powerful aromas of citrus, vanilla oak, toast, and lovely hints of fine agave tequila fills the senses. Medium bodied and very velvety across the palate with a bit of heat. Rich flavors of tropical citrus, starfruit, vanilla, with hints of pineapple and bakers spices! On the second sip, more citrus notes came through with toasty vanilla oak leading to a long, smooth, slightly heated finish! Is the ghost of Joe Louis in the room because this wine is a Knock Out! Balanced in flavor, acidity, and heat from the refined tequila barrel aging.

This wine is big but not too big to pair with baked seafood, fresh salads, medium to strong cheeses, and any type of savory chicken dishes. After trying one bottle, we ran back to the store to buy up the rest on the shelf. Love at first Sip! 93 Points (Winesplash) and average of $25 a bottle. Enjoy! #sauvignonblanc #whitewine #wine #tequila #joelouis #cooperandthief #napa #napavalley


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