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Domaine Besson Vaillons Chablis Premier Cru

I am enjoying the Domaine Besson Chablis Premier Cru 2018 from the Vaillons vineyard of Burgundy, France. Vaillons is one of the largest Premier Cru vineyards in Chablis and is always known for its award winning wines! In France, many wines are named after the regions they are grown in and by French law, these

Veuve Doussot Cuvée “Ernestine” Brut Champagne

Everyday of life is a celebration! And you can celebrate life with your favorite food, favorite wine, favorite beverage, favorite ice cream, or whatever. Sparkling wines have been a part of most every celebration since the beginning of…..well….bubbles. Speaking of bubbles, tonight I am sipping the 2015 Veuve Doussot Cuvée “Ernestine” Brut Champagne and it