Angels Gate Cabernet Franc 2014

IMG_20190208_180353439    Holidays…… well actually…. every glorious day of our lives  deserves an equally glorious wine and it has arrived with this Cabernet Franc from Angels Gate Winery in the Niagara Region of Canada! I am not sure if Heaven has a wine growing AVA but the great Cab Franc grapes that made this wine sure would have grown close to it. Very impressive, beautifully balanced, and full of elegant flavors of black cherry, ripe blackberry, anise, tobacco, and a fine, lingering oaky finish. Made using the “Appassimento” process where some of the harvested grapes are dried on bamboo racks or straw mats for weeks to concentrate the sugars and flavors. Then later combined with the original grapes/wine to ferment and enrich the flavors of the wine. Kissed by Angels and Heaven approved. 98 Points (Wine Splash) and around $35 a bottle.

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