Oxley Estate Winery Auxerrois 2013

img_20161204_184623386Being from the Detroit area, there were not any Michigan wineries near the motor city since we were too busy building cars than growing vineyards in our little auto mecca. Which really was a shame because many times after a long day at work, I needed a big glass of wine! Most of the big Michigan wineries I was aware of were along Lake Michigan near Buchanan or way north in Traverse City. My Aha Moment was when I was travelling 1 mile over the Detroit River to Windsor, Canada and finding all sorts of great wines from Southwestern Canada along the Erie Shore! For me, this was truly like finding the needle in the haystack since getting to the North Erie Shore from Detroit is less than 30 minutes away……after the border crossing of course. Lot’s of great Canadian wineries just outside of Amherstburg with great views and fantastic wines! One of our favorites is the Oxley Estate Winery which has great outdoor space with a hip relaxing fireplace, knowledgeable staff, excellent food, and some of the best wines in the country! Tonight we opened up the Oxley Estate Auxerrois white wine and were truly impressed by its flavors. Auxerrois is a grape variety better known along the French and German border in Alsace, France.  Auxerrois is known for its lower acid and bright fruit flavors and for those who hate acid reflux, then this will be your new favorite white wine.

In the glass, day bright yellow and very clear. Enticing aroma’s of fresh apple, pear, and white flowers on the nose. Medium body across the palate, soft and velvety, and definitely lower in acid than most white wines. Flavors of ripe Golden Delicious Apple, baked pineapple, and golden raisins. Fruity, fleshy, and graceful. On the second sip, flavors of Asian Pear with notes of mango lead to a soft, yet crisp finish. A flavorful, pleasing wine that is full of fun and adventure! Pair with baked chicken, butter sauteed shrimp, corn cakes, fresh salads, and medium style cheeses. 7 STAR and 90 Points! Average of $20 a bottle. Life is short….go for the Adventure! WineSplashing!!

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