Terra D’oro Rosé – Amador County

img_20161130_163736614The fun thing about a good, dry Rosé is that it is so versatile! It’s like a white wine since it is crisp with loads of fruit! It’s like a red wine because, well, a Rosé is predominately made from a red wine. Crisp, clean, fruity, dry, or maybe just a smidge off-dry, Rosés are definitely on the food pairing map. I got to try this festive Rosé tonight and was impressed by the neon red color and fresh fruity nose. This is a blend of 90% Nebbiolo (Barolo grape) and 10% Syrah and all from Amador County in Northern California.

In the glass, ruby red in color from the Nebbiolo skin contact and very clear. On the nose, aroma’s of red berries, fresh strawberries, melon, and a hint of cloves. Medium weight across the palate with a crisp mouthfeel and a good acid structure. Bright flavors of ripe strawberries, more strawberries, and even more strawberries! This is a true strawberry avalanche on the palate! Other flavors detected are fresh citrus, honeydew, and some zesty grapefruit. Long and refreshing finish because of the great acid structure and the addition of Syrah which added character and balance. This Rosé may scream Springtime but is a perfect pairing with many foods that are eaten all year round. Pair with ham, pork, poultry, any pasta with cream sauces, salads, or appetizers. This wine is your ray of sunshine on a cloudy day or your patio party wine in summer! 7 STAR and 89 Point Rating! About $13 a bottle. WineSplashing!!


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