Wine Review: 2011 Flying Otter “Sunshine” White Wine

Wine Dox Daisy Rates This Wine 4 Paws Out of 5!

In the summertime, there is nothing like a chilled white wine that tastes bright, fresh, and fruity. And that is exactly what you get with the 2011 Flying Otter “Sunshine”! This is a wonderful white wine blend with all the grapes being grown in Southeastern Michigan. It is off-dry so it has a hint of sweetness and a long, fresh, fruity finish. As I poured some into my glass, the wine was clear and starbright in color. On the nose, aroma’s of tropical fruit, citrus, and pear was filling my senses with anticipation! On the palate, exotic flavors of pineapple, young stone fruit, pear, and more citrus! It was medium to full body with a soft, creamy mouthfeel. The finish was very long with mineral notes and just the slight essence of honey on the back palate. This wine was reminiscent of a pinot grigio but with more fruit and softer edges. Pair with medium cheeses, baked ham, sweet and sour chicken (or ham), a greek or summer salad, and pasta primavera.

We really enjoyed this wine and found it exciting, yet laid back at the same time. It is a wine I would like to revisit in the near future. It is perfect to sip on in summer but we really can enjoy this wine anytime of the year! ImageOn our SiNoTas Scale, we give the 2011 Flying Otter Sunshine White Wine an A rating. It had nice acid which made it bright, flavorful, and gave it a long finish.  Even our Wine Dox Daisy gave it 4 Paws out of 5 so it has to be good! And even if you didn’t trust us, this wine did win a Gold Medal recently at the 2012 Michigan Wine and Spirits Competition! Check out for more information about this wine and other wonderful wines from Flying Otter Winery! So find some “Sunshine” soon and keep it nearby because in Michigan, the next weather change is always right around the corner. WineSplashing! (90 points)

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