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Ravine Vineyard Sand and Gravel Chardonnay

Most people love Niagara Falls because it is such a magical place! There is something in the air, in the water, in the soil, or something in the atmosphere that makes this place so special. Or maybe all of them put together makes the perfect scenario for growing a vineyard and producing fantastic wines. Pssst…by the way…..Canada produces amazing wines

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The Real Virginia “Vineyard Experience”

Wine is alive. Wine is a breathing, evolving, meticulous, stubborn, and a wonderfully pleasurable thing! There are probably as many flavors and nuances from wine as there are different types of snowflakes. Well, that may be pushing it but when walking down that grocery store wine aisle, I am intrigued and overwhelmed by the many types, varieties, and flavors described

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Celani Family Vineyards Grand Reserve Chardonnay 2012 Napa Valley

I love all the different styles that Chardonnay can be! Through the summer, I enjoy lighter style Chardonnay’s which has less oak and more fruit on the palate. As the weather grows cooler to downright Arctic, I crave the heavier bodied Chardonnay’s with lots of full, rich oak! Which brings me to one of Santa’s favorites, the Celani Family Vineyards

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