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Low Calorie Wines

The theory that states “if you don’t see me eating food, then it has no calories” is one that I have followed for years. It was usually a piece of cake, a cookie, a quart of ice cream, or something else that was sweet and high in calorie. But if you didn’t see me eat it, I wasn’t going to

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Thanksgiving Day Without Beaujolais Nouveau?

C’est absurde! Beaujolais Nouveau est une tradition sur Thanksgiving Day! Well, that may be true but some traditions can be broken and new traditions are started in the process. For years, we looked forward to our yearly supplement of Beaujolais Nouveau the Thursday before Thanksgiving Day. We would run to the store the first thing in the morning and buy

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Wine Review: Pelee Island Winery “Secco” (Prosecco)

We enjoy visiting wineries and drinking wine from all of the Great Lakes Region! And Canada is no different. In fact, from where we live in Southeast Michigan, Canada is actually our closest wine region. We recently visited one of the largest Canadian wineries called Pelee Island Winery and they produce an excellent amount of quality, flavorful wines! One of

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