Domaine Besson Vaillons Chablis Premier Cru

I am enjoying the Domaine Besson Chablis Premier Cru 2018 from the Vaillons vineyard of Burgundy, France. Vaillons is one of the largest Premier Cru vineyards in Chablis and is always known for its award winning wines! In France, many wines are named after the regions they are grown in and by French law, these vineyards can only grow that grape variety for it to be named after the region. So in this case, a Chablis is always a Chardonnay. A red Burgundy is always a Pinot Noir. A white Bordeaux is always a Sauvignon Blanc. So the Chablis region is so perfect for growing Chardonnay that the French government only allows Chardonnay from Chablis to be called a Chablis. Other white (and red grapes) are grown here but cannot be called a Chablis. Something to think over as you enjoy a glass of wine!

In my glass, yellow straw in color with hints of gold. Bright aromas of citrus, tropical fruit, stone fruit, mineral, and spices. Medium bodied and refined with a good acid structure. Lively flavors of Mandarin Orange, pineapple, citrus, ripe apricot, and a noticeable minerality. If you enjoy a “minerality” in your white wines, look for wines from Chablis and other regions in France since this is a prominent characteristic of the wines here. On the second sip, more abundant bright citrus came through along with notes of vanilla and pear leading to an elegant, mineral oak finish. Very light in oak which really brought out the fresh fruit flavors. Pair this Chablis with pork dishes, hearty fish like salmon or swordfish, shellfish, fresh salads, and soft to medium cheeses. This is a Chablis you can enjoy any time of year and for any celebration! 93 Points from Wine Splash!

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