Veuve Doussot Cuvée “Ernestine” Brut Champagne

Everyday of life is a celebration! And you can celebrate life with your favorite food, favorite wine, favorite beverage, favorite ice cream, or whatever. Sparkling wines have been a part of most every celebration since the beginning of…..well….bubbles. Speaking of bubbles, tonight I am sipping the 2015 Veuve Doussot Cuvée “Ernestine” Brut Champagne and it is explosive! A blend of 70% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay grown in Cote des Bar region of southern Champagne, France. This sparkling was aged 36 months in the Veuve Doussot cellars. The Joly family has been making wine in Champagne for over a century and Stephane Joly still continues the tradition to this day.

In my glass, day bright with glints of gold. Enticing aromas of lemon meringue, apple, honey, and yeast. Medium bodied, rich, with elegant bubbles and a hint of acidity. Vibrant flavors of fresh brioche, ripe lemon, baked apple, and toasted almonds. Sophisticated and very appealing. The following sip brought wonderful flavors of lemon creme, citrus, and hints of ripe pear, apricot, mineral, and a graceful toasty finish. Very exceptional and distinguished Champagne that is full of yeasty, bready, and zesty fruit flavors! Pair with shellfish, grilled salmon or tuna, pork roast, fresh salads, and soft to medium cheeses. 94 Points! And loving it!

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