Maxwell Creek Reserve Chardonnay Napa Valley

Chardonnay has always been a favorite in my white wine category since it can be developed into so many different styles! It can be aged in oak, stainless steel, concrete, or just in the bottle. Chardonnay can be lightly oaked, unoaked, sparkling, dry, fruity, blended with other grapes, and so much more. The region the grapes are grown in and the terroir of that area can change the wine flavor drastically even from vineyards 100 yards away from each other. So it is always a fun experience when sampling a new Chardonnay since I like the mystery of what flavors will unfold as it is tasted. I enjoy the different styles and I appreciate them all so “vive la difference”! Today I am sipping the 2018 Maxwell Creek Reserve Chardonnay¬†from Napa Valley which is a region that has hot days, cool nights, and excellent growing conditions for the Chardonnay grape. And Maxwell Creek Winery is well known for their elegant small production wines so I am excited to fill my glass!

In my glass, sunshine yellow and clear. Vibrant aroma’s of tropical citrus, peach, pineapple, and oak. Medium to full bodied with a fresh, vibrant acidity. Bright flavors of juicy lemon, ripe apricot, grilled pineapple, mineral, and vanilla oak. Ripe tropical fruit flavors abound while keeping its stylish sophistication. As the wine opened up, the tropical citrus notes continued and then revealed hints of pear and green apple leading up a long, elegant vanilla oak finish. The wonderful balance of tropical fruit and vanilla oak was appealing and classic! Pair this Maxwell Creek Reserve Chardonnay with grilled fish, shrimp, chicken, pork roast, pasta with a cream sauce (like Chicken Alfredo), salads, or a delicious cheese tray. 90 Points! (Wine Splash).

Find this wine and more like it at on the Wines Til Sold Out website!



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