Calculated Risk Monterey Pinot Noir

I like a winery that will try something new and take some intelligent chances in their wine making efforts! Sticking to traditional ways is great when you have found perfection, but sometimes those creative juices start flowing and you want to…you know….bend the rules a bit. The wine I am tasting today is the Calculated Risk Monterey Pinot Noir 2016 and it is dedicated to those innovators that feel they can change the world for the better. Some call them crazy but they are the ones who invented electricity, telephones, automobiles, and aircraft! And if you think about it, these inventions “still” seem crazy but they work and make life so much easier. I don’t know all the risks that were taken into making this wine but the quality is definitely there so I approve in taking chances because my palate says so! The Pinot Noir grapes that went into this wine are from the Monterey region of California which is known for producing wonderful Chardonnay’s and Pinot Noir’s. You will have to take a “risk” and see if you agree!

In my glass, a deep ruby red in color with purplish hues. Enticing aromas of cherry, plum, cranberry, with hints of violets and herbs. Medium body across the palate, silky, with noticeable tannins. Exceptional flavors of ripe black cherries, red plums, raspberries, earth, and exotic spices. Impressive balance of flavors that evolves beautifully in my glass! The 2nd sip displays more bright red berry fruit with hints of pomegranate, herbs, and a long, vanilla oak finish. I loved that this Calculated Risk Pinot Noir was elegant but still had refined grippy tannins on the finish. You can drink this wine now or age up to 2025…..but I always suggest to drink now! Pair with roasted chicken, game birds, grilled salmon (or other fatty fish), baked ham, grilled vegetables, or medium cheeses. 92 Points! (Wine Splash).

Find this wine and more like it at on the Wines Til Sold Out website!

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