Domaine Fernand Engel Silberberg de Rohrschwihr Alsace Riesling

Growing up in Michigan exposed me to many northern grape varieties when I started tasting and getting into wine. Riesling was one of those grape varieties since Michigan had Rieslings of all different styles and levels of sweetness. So it is very natural to me to find great Rieslings and know the correct flavors that should follow when I taste. Now Michigan, Alsace, and Germany are worlds apart on the map but are all well known for producing wonderful Rieslings! So I get excited when someone introduces me to a Riesling they like so I can taste and evaluate all the tempting flavors!

Today I am tasting the Domaine Fernand Engel Silberberg de Rohrschwihr Alsace Riesling 2015 and am immersed in all the exotic flavors! Domaine Fernand Engel started their vineyard in the beautiful Alsace region of France in 1949. After a devastating fire at the estate agricultural building in March of 2013, the building was rebuilt the same year and opened on the eve of harvest in October. None of the vineyard was damaged so the family was able to harvest their grapes and use the new building to produce their wines for the 2013 vintage. The Domaine Fernand Engel Estate is still family owned and managed today.

In my glass, straw in color with golden highlights. Aroma’s of apricot, nectarine, peach, honey, and petrol fill my senses! Medium bodied across the palate, very velvety with a seductive oiliness and a pleasing acidity. Exotic flavors of apricot, stone fruit, tropical citrus, exotic spices, and honey. This is a dry wine but very lush, concentrated, and graceful with many layers of flavors! So even though there is a honey essence, this wine is still dry but the honey adds richness and grace. On the second sip, ripe apricot showed well with hints of lychee, golden plum, and pear intermingled to a beautiful, honey smooth finish. So luxurious and balanced with exotic flavors that bring your senses to another world. Very refreshing cold but sip this wine around 50-55 degrees to bring out these rich flavors. We paired this Riesling with healthy style sauteed chicken but you could pair it with most any chicken recipe, baked ham or chops, Chinese dishes, salads, and medium cheeses. I felt this 2015 Domaine Fernand Engel Riesling was superb and would love to experience another bottle soon! 95 Points! (Wine Splash).

Find this wine and more like it at on the Wines ‘Til Sold Out website.



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