Corte Grande Valpolicella Ripasso Classico Superiore

Italians are quite the creative bunch, especially when working with wine. Sometimes, this creativity makes things more difficult by adding a few more steps to the wine making process but they are always rewarded for their hard work in the end! Take this 2017 Corte Grande Valpolicella Ripasso Classico Superiore for example. “Ripasso” is the process of taking the grape skins from previously pressed grapes and “re-passing” the new juice over these skins to add complexity and flavor to the new wine. When the juice for an Amarone wine is pressed, these grape skins for the big, brooding Amarone are saved. So now, the lighter style Valpolicella can “re-pass” its juice over the expensive Amarone grape skins and add elegance and density to the Valpolicella wine. It’s another step in the wine making process but using the ripasso method sure makes these wines more exciting and appreciated! This Valpolicella is a blend of Corvina, Rondinella, and Molinara grapes and it is the standard blend for Valpolicella wines.

In my glass, deep violet in color with ruby edges. Seductive aroma’s of blackberry pie, black cherry, plum, anise, and peppery notes. Full bodied, plush and velvety with a soft tannin structure. Rich flavors of blackberry jam, cassis, ripe black cherry, chocolate, and white pepper. Sinfully delicious with teasing layers of sweet dark berry. The following sip brought more luscious dark berry with hints of anise and graphite leading to a long, smooth vanilla oak finish. This rich and complex wine needed to be tamed so I did use a decanter and let it breathe for 2 hours before I drank it. It was worth the wait! This Corte Grande Valpolicella opened up to an inviting flavor adventure! Pair with beef, veal, game (like venison), tomato inspired pastas, grilled veggies, and medium to strong cheeses. 91 Points! (Wine Splash).

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