Philippe Prie ‘Depuis 1737’ Brut Tradition Champagne NV

Every winery and winemaker has a story which makes wine tasting even more enjoyable when you know some of the history behind it! The Champagne Philippe Prie has been producing wines in the southern Champagne region of France for almost 3 centuries. This 57 acre, single estate Champagne truly shows the wonderful terroir in the flavors of this sparkler. This wine is 80% Pinot Noir and 20% Chardonnay which is the perfect blend to reflect elegance and refined flavors. Philippe Prie likes to keep most of their wines non-vintage (NV) that assures the quality and flavors will be similar from year to year. So if you like this Champagne one year, you are very sure to enjoy it the next year as well. And with Mothers Day around the corner, you are sure to impress mom with this excellent bubbly!

In my glass, straw in color with some very lively bubbles! Aroma’s of apple, white cherry blossom, citrus, and toast. Medium to full bodied across the palate, dry, with a light, delicate effervescence. Sophisticated flavors of ripe Golden Delicious apples, lemon, almonds, and toast. Beautifully stylish with elegant bubbles that does not interfere with the enticing flavors. On the second sip experience, more apple and citrus dominate with lovely notes of biscuit and ginger leading to a graceful minerality on the finish. A wonderful Champagne to celebrate any occasion, any day, and twice on holidays! Pair with seafood like shrimp or salmon, appetizers, ham or pork dishes, salads, and soft to medium cheeses. Brie is a wonderful pairing for this Champagne! 92 Points! (Wine Splash)

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