La Grange aux Garcons Crémant de Bordeaux Brut

The region of Bordeaux, France has been known for producing many excellent wines over the years. Elegant red wines and vibrant whites are always worth stocking up on but have you ever experienced a sparkling wine from Bordeaux? Bordeaux has been creating wonderful sparkling wines for almost 100 years and are usually called a “Crémant”. The word “Crémant” signifies a sparkling wine made from outside the Champagne region of France.  Only a sparkling wine from the Champagne region can be called “Champagne” and all other sparkling wines from France are called Crémant. And this La Grange aux Garcons Crémant just happens to be from the Bordeaux region and it a blend of 70% Sémillon and 30% Cabernet Franc.

In my glass, straw colored with lots of bubbly activity. Aroma’s of ripe orange, apricot, lemon, and toast fill the senses. Medium bodied, dry, with lively bubbles and good acidity. A revelry of flavors of bright lemon, pear, apple, and delicate yeasty notes. Lots of fresh citrus fruits with hints of baked bread leading to a long and vibrant finish. Fun and festive and would pair well with seafood, shrimp cocktail, appetizers, summer salads, and soft or medium cheeses. This crémant and baked ham would make a dynamic duo! Or enjoy it on its own at your next celebration. 90 Points! (Wine Splash)

Find this wonderful sparkling and many more like it at on the Wines Til Sold Out website! Are you ready for me to fill your glass?



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