Lamblin & Fils “Fourchaume” Chablis Premier Cru 2018

The region of Chablis, Burgundy is known for its legendary Pinot Noir red wines and Chardonnay white wines. If your bottle of white wine says
“Chablis”, then its from Burgundy and it is a Chardonnay! Usually un-oaked or very lightly oaked, these wines bring about the natural flavors of the Chardonnay grape without the influence of an oak barrel.

In my glass, day bright colors of yellow and liquid sunshine! Provocative aroma’s of tropical fruit, citrus, and starfruit. Medium bodied across the palate with good acid and velvety texture. Wonderful, intense flavors of ripe citrus, tropical fruits, pineapple, and peach pit. This is truly a symphony for my taste buds! On the second sip, tropical fruits were still the highlight with hints of mineral and spices leading to a long, harmonious finish. Very balanced between acid and ripe fruit flavors. Pair with grilled salmon, chicken dishes, pike in white butter, pasta with a cream sauce, fresh salads, and medium cheeses.  91 Points!

Find this wine and many others like it at on the website. Cheers!

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