Donato Giangirolami ‘Prodigo’ Syrah Lazio IGT

Prodigo Syrah

Rome, Italy wasn’t built in a day so you have to figure that it took some time for the vineyards in the Lazio region surrounding Rome to grow some Super Tuscan grapes like Syrah and have them work well here. This “Prodigal” Syrah was quite tight upon opening the bottle but after using an aerator, it was just amazing! A complex organic wine that was 100% aged in stainless steel to give you the best flavors from the grape itself with no interaction of oak. On sight, intense ruby in color. Aromas of plum, earth, funky forest, dark berry, anise, and black cherry. Medium in body with a silky, velvety mouthfeel. Sophisticated flavors of ripe black cherry, raspberry, tobacco, and hints of fig. When in Rome (or Home), this could be your toga party wine! On the second sip, more bold cherry flavors came out with hints of pomegranate, spice, and earth leading to a long, smooth finish. Pair with red meats, lamb, eggplant, and medium cheeses. 90 Points!

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