Ravine Vineyard Sand and Gravel Chardonnay

Most people love Niagara Falls because it is such a magical place! There is something in the air, in the water, in the soil, or something in the atmosphere that makes this place so special. Or maybe all of them put together makes the perfect scenario for growing a vineyard and producing fantastic wines. Pssst…by the way…..Canada produces amazing wines and some of the best are right in the Niagara region just a few miles from the thunderous Niagara Falls! So if you have a craving to experience magical waterfalls and even more magical wines and food, then you have found your happy place.

Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery is a “must stop” in the Niagara region because of the award winning wines and the wonderful onsite restaurant. I just opened the Ravine Sand and Gravel Chardonnay so now its time to tempt you. In the glass, straw colored with a bright yellow rim. Exotic aroma’s of ripe pear, tropical fruit, apple, and honey. Full bodied across the palate, crisp, and lush. Lively flavors of ripe Bartlett Pear, pineapple, citrus, and caramel tease the senses. If this Chardonnay was any more seductive, I would swear Hugh Hefner was in the room! On the second sip, more tropical fruit flavors came through with hints of crisp apple and lemon meringue leading to an elegant, oak finish. Fun, balanced, and lively! This is one Chardonnay that I always keep a few extra bottles of at home. Pair with grilled salmon or grilled chicken, Margherita Pizza, Chicken Caesar Salad, pasta with a white cream sauce, or medium to strong cheeses. 92 points and under $20 a bottle (Canadian or American currency).

There are a lot of wineries to love in the Niagara Peninsula of Canada. In fact, there are almost 100 wineries at this time! Definitely check out Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery, do the wine tasting, and peek into the wine cellar in the basement (you may have to anyway since it is where the restrooms are). The website is  http://www.RavineVineyard.com  Now grab a glass of wine and a pen and paper so you can plan your next trip to Niagara Falls and its local wineries! This website has the full list of wineries in the area so have fun and enjoy! http://www.vqaontario.ca/Wineries/NiagaraPeninsula  WineSplashing!!

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