Barboursville Vineyards Barbera Reserve

There are so many fantastic wineries in the Monticello wine region just outside of Charlottesville, Virginia! But one that is hard to pass up is Barboursville Vineyards and for many good reasons. As you drive on to the property, the vineyards and mountains are so visually stellar that you just have to stop and take photo! The wines and tastings are so affordable since it is only $7 to taste about 18 different wines. The Palladio restaurant is first class and is right next to the tasting room to balance that wine with nourishment. There is a quaint, historic inn here so you have a place to stay should these wines start whispering in your ear.

Got adventure in your blood? Take the self guided tour of the Landmark Ruins which was one of Thomas Jefferson’s true architectural masterpieces and is located right next to The 1804 Inn. All this adventure makes me thirsty so lets get back to the tasting room. Yes, there is wine! You are going to find wonderful, quality wines here produced by experienced winemakers who enjoy what they do. Don’t believe me? Try the Barbera Reserve, a red wine with history in Piedmonte, Italy, and then let your taste buds decide for you.

In the glass, ruby red in color and elegant. Aroma’s of red cherries, damp earth, raspberries, and baking spices. Medium bodied across the palate, soft, smooth, with light tannins. Flavors of ripe cherries, wild raspberries, earth, and tobacco. Whose got the Funk? “We gotta have that funk” and it’s right here! On the second sip, more red berry fruit flavors came through with hints of spice, a touch of graphite, and a long, oak finish. To me, this is a classic Italian style wine. When I hear that we are having an Italian red, I think red berry, earth, dust, and spice. This Barbera Reserve gives all of that with a beautiful bow on top! It is not tannic so it is easy to drink for those who are not into jammy wines. This wine is rustic with an Italian flair and personality!

Pair with Braised Lamb, pork, mushroom risotto, pasta with a tomato sauce, and medium cheeses. We had this Barbera with Taco Stuffed Baked Green Peppers and it was perfect. We drank the 2014 Barbera in this review but also have the 2015 and they are very similiar so you can’t go wrong with either bottle you purchase. Both wines can cellar up to 5 more years of the vintage date. 90 Points and about $22 a bottle. WineSplashing!!





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