Immaginare Rose’ of Sangiovese

I was up to no good, as usual, and realized that I haven’t found a fang-tastic wine for Halloween yet. You know, something spooktakular! So I had to roll ‘dem bones and the spirits led me to a mischievous little Rose’ from Napa Valley. I recognized the gentleman on the label so I had to give this wine a spellbinding taste! In the glass, peachy orange in color. Ghostly aroma’s of apricot, citrus, honey, and vibrant floral notes. Medium bodied across the palate, very silky, soft, with a light sweetness detected. Haunting flavors of ripe strawberries, raspberries, apricots, and sweet spices. After one sip, you felt possessed to have more! On the second taste, hints of lychee came through and a finish that screamed ripe berries! This is a very fruity wine with about .5% residual sugar. It is frighteningly good and would pair well with Mexican dishes, fruit salads, glazed chicken, Monster Mash, and light to medium cheeses. If you are rockin’ the graveyard or doing the Time Warp on Halloween, the Immaginare Rose’ will make you the life (or death) of the party! Vampire approved. 88 points and about $15 a bottle. Happy Halloween!

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