Counter Cut Heirloom Merlot 2013

I like to use the expression that “I drink bad wines so you don’t have to” and then you won’t have to hesitate about which wines to try when you shop. The wines I like best and want to tell you about are usually easily accessible to you so you can buy these wines online or at your local store. So I do a bit of research to see if I can find them myself before I write about them. Now this wine was a bit of a challenge since I got it from an online wine club called First Leaf. I just checked and this wine is still available if you decide to get a trial membership but that may be the only way to get it in your glass.

So now for the teasing, tempting part of the review. Garnet in color with a bright, violet rim. Tantalizing aroma’s of bright plum, red berries, and earth. Medium bodied across the palate, velvety, with a softer tannin structure. Lively flavors of rich red plums, blackberries, coffee, and earth. On the second sip, more raspberry Heaven came through with hints of fig that lead to a long, oak finish. Racy and zesty and pairs well with bbq pork or chicken, pasta with tomato sauce, and medium to strong cheeses. Definitely a wine that has foodie tendencies! This is the link to the Counter Cut Heirloom Merlot on the First Leaf website. Here you can read their review on this wine and even sign up if you wish. 90 Points and about $20 a bottle. WineSplashing!!

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