Kimmel Four Blocks Merlot 2014 – Mendocino County

Kimmel Merlot

No, Jimmy Kimmel is not the newest celebrity to purchase a winery! But this Kimmel family is working hard to become big celebrities in the wine world. With 35 acres of prime vineyard real estate in Mendocino County, great wines from Kimmel Vineyard will not be a rumor. Currently there are 10 wines that are available from Kimmel Vineyard and we were lucky to taste the 2014 Kimmel Four Blocks Merlot tonight.

In the glass, ruby red in color and slightly lighter on the rim. Aroma’s of pomegranate, fresh red berries, cherry, and red licorice. Medium bodied across the palate with soft, silky tannins. Bright flavors of red cherries, black raspberries, strawberries, and ripe plums! This Merlot was fermented in stainless steel so the fresh fruit flavors are definitely pronounced. On the second sip, more ripe strawberry flavors came through with hints of nutmeg and cocoa on a long juicy finish. Great wine to pair with grilled poultry, swordfish, pasta with tomato based sauces, vegetarian burgers, and medium to strong cheeses. 89 Points and 7 Stars! WineSplashing!!




  • I would love to taste this Merlot. The combination of fruit flavors described are some of my favorites in Red wine.
    Where might one find this bottle of goodness?

    Miss 50, that looks 38

    • Hey Lynette…..who is 38! I am so sorry I didn’t see your email until now. I have my daughter working on updating this website and so everything has been under construction so missed it and I apologize. I got that Merlot through a wine club called First Leaf. It came in on their introductory shipment and I tasted it about a week later. I got an email from them about a month after this review saying they still had some bottles in stock. Also, I use a website called and put in the Kimmel Merlot and saw the Kimmel winery itself may still have bottles available. Check out either and hopefully you will be able to find some. Good Luck! Rick – who looks 42. 🙂

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