Wine Gifts For Those Christmas Spirits

As the Christmas holiday draws near, us procrastinators have a lot of catching up to do to get our blessed gifts in order! Dashing through the snow is probably in your Yuletide future and if you are lucky, you may be able to find those glorious gifts on Santa’s list online and delivered on time. So without further ado, here are 12 great gifts for the wine lover on your list. Many can still be found online and delivered before Santa has finished his milk and cookies. And many can still be found at your local store, wine merchant, or anywhere that has a great selection of wine accessories.

musicalglassMajor Scale Musical Wine Glasses – Be the life of the party with these fun and musical wine glasses! Fill them up to different levels as indicated on the glass and let the concert begin! Touch the rim of each glass and play some of your favorite tunes and even have a sing along at your next gathering. $65 for a set of 2 glasses with the ability to buy in a larger quantity. Found at

aeratorStemless Fountain Aerating Wine Glass Set – There is nothing like aerating your wine right into the glass you are using without having to search for your aerator! I always misplace my wine aerator or have to clean my decanter so this solves the problem completely. The aerator is part of the glass so you will never have to go without aerating your wine again. Just pour your wine into the central cell of the glass to release the aroma’s and flavors of your favorite wine. You can also put ice into the central cell to chill down your whiskey pour as well. And the fountain is a great conversation piece and fun to watch! $50 for a set of 2 glasses. Purchase online at

coravin1Coravin Model 2 Wine System – One of the most inventive “must haves” for the wine connoisseur on your list. This amazing little contraption lets your pour a glass or two of wine without ever taking the cork out of the bottle! Just insert the Coravin pin into the cork, pour your glass of wine, and the cork reseals itself. It uses an inert gas called argon for pressurization which won’t affect the flavor or aroma of your wine. And now your wine will last weeks to months longer! This device is perfect for restaurants since any wine can be opened and not go bad by the time the next customer orders it. I love the idea but as a wine lover myself, the bottles I open are usually empty within a day or two at the most! The Coravin Model 2 Wine System is $299 and includes your first capsules of argon gas (more capsules can be ordered later as you need them). The Coravin Model 1 Wine System is also available for $199. The only difference between the two is the Model 2 has easier pouring features and easier argon capsule replacement. The Coravin can be found at many online websites like and Also at Bed Bath and Beyond.

winekitLove2Brew Wine Kits from Winexpert – Sometimes, you just want to show those arrogant wine makers that you can do it too! This is a fun beginners kit that includes all you need to make 6 gallons of your favorite wine. More than a dozen different wine varieties to choose from like Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio, and Moscato. So cheers to some great wine and to a possible new career! $28 – $132 depending on the style and variety of the wine you choose. Found at

sorbusSorbus 3 Piece Wine Stake Set – This is perfect for those who love to enjoy their wine or beverages in the great outdoors! No more tables tipping over next to the bonfire! One large stake for your bottle and 2 smaller stakes for your glasses. Just push the stakes into the lawn, grassy field, or beach sand to avoid spillage and keep track of your beverages. $26.99 for the set on

savinoSavino Enthusiast Wine Saver Carafe – For those on the go who want a durable carafe that preserves their wine up to a week after opening, this is for you! Made of sturdy Tritan Copolyester, this carafe can be used at the beach, pool, backyard, concert, boat, or wherever you need it to go. It has a screw top, locking lid that keeps your wine from spilling. And the floating seal helps keep air out so you can enjoy fresh wine anywhere. $24.95 for this beautiful carafe and can be found on

vacuvinVacu Vin Wine Saver/Stopper – Yes, there are evenings where you just cannot finish that bottle of wine. For all the reasons that life keeps us busy and away from a great glass of wine, here is another way to keep that wine fresh. The Vacu Vin Wine Stopper extracts the air from the open bottle by pump. Just put on the rubber stopper on the top of the open bottle and pump out the air which oxidizes your wine causes it to change flavors and eventually go bad. A “click” sound tells you that you have extracted the optimum level of air to preserve your wine up to a week. Easy to use and very affordable at $9.99 for the pump and one rubber stopper. More rubber stoppers can be purchased separately. A great gift that can be found in many places online as well as Crate and Barrel

cawineWine of the Month Club – What a fun way to get acquainted with good wines from California and around the world! Give the gift of a wine club and let the adventure of taste begin! There are many wine clubs out there online with a variety of pricing. One I liked was at since it was rated the #1 wine club over the past 7 years. Premium wines from boutique wineries from across the globe. You can choose 2 bottles of red, 2 bottles of white, or 1 bottle of each starting at $41.95 a month plus tax and free shipping in the continental U.S. You can choose a 3 month club, a seasonal club, or more depending on how much wine you would like. This is a great website since it offers another 40 gift clubs like the bacon club, coffee club, pizza club, and more! Also check out the California Wine Club at for some great California boutique wines for $40.45 a month plus tax and shipping. An exciting way to focus on some amazing wines from California each month!

apertoAperto Auto-Sensing Wine Bottle Opener – I have gotten pretty good at using my waiters corkscrew to open up my bottles of wine. I hardly ever screw up now and I look like a pro! But there is something cool and suave about having a super easy machine do it for you. Introducing the Aperto Auto-Sensing Wine Bottle Opener which impressively pulls the cork out of your bottle in a few seconds and then lovingly spits it out. It is compact and can be kept on your kitchen counter or a kitchen drawer. No buttons to press and it works on synthetic corks as well as natural corks. Just take the foil off of the wine bottle with the included foil cutter, place opener on the bottle and push down. It will open up to 60 bottles before charging! Found on for $49.99 but was On Sale for $39.99 on December 16th, 2018.

kohlsNew View Wine Bottle Cork Catcher – With all these extra corks you are collecting, why not keep them in a fancy cork catcher? Fun and stylish and looks great on your kitchen counter, bar top, or entertainment room! On sale for $14.99 at Kohls or Other neat cork holder ideas would be a Metal Wall Wine Cork Holder that displays “WINE”. You just fill up the holder with corks as you open your bottles of wine. This was $32.99 at Target or targetYou can also find many wine cork holders with the first letter of your name as the display piece. You can find these at many local wine shops as well as almost everywhere online from $6 on up!

barnesWine IQ Game – Since the weather has gotten a bit colder in many parts of the country, many of us hibernate more to stay out of the elements. So what better idea than getting your friends together at home, open up some wine, and challenge each other with some wine trivia?! A fun way to find out who are the real wine geeks and if Mr Know-It-All is as smart as he says he is! The first round tests wine knowledge and the second is a memory challenge. Questions from wines around the world as well as types of glasses, vines, and other fascinating facts. You can find this game at Barnes & Noble or for $19.95 each.

stilettoStiletto Wine Bottle Holder – Irresistible for the woman who loves her heels and loves her wine! Many different styles and designs that make your wine and heels fashion statement at home. Or the office! Prices range from $15.99 on to $23.99 on and up at other retail locations like Bed Bath and Beyond.

There are a lot of great wine and wine accessory items online that are photoframeaffordable. Wine glass charms are fun for parties so everyone can keep track of their own glass. Lots of different styles and charms. Also, photo frames made from wine corks are fun and eye catching. And who wouldn’t love their favorite bottle of wine with 2 wine glasses to ring in the new year?!

Gift giving has never been more fun and I hope this gives you some great ideas for the wine lovers in your life! Christmas and the holidays will be here before you know it so check out these deals before they sell out! These prices are the prices found online today and could change at any time per the online or retail store so they are not in stone. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All….naughty and nice! WineSplashing!!

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