Bernard Fouquet Cuvee de Silex Vouvray 2014

Bernard Fouquet Vouvray

Bernard Fouquet Vouvray

When it comes to summer wine sipping, not much beats the heat better than a lighter style white wine. It doesn’t matter if it’s from Italy, Australia, the United States, or Budapest. A cool refreshing white wine in the summer is like an oasis in the Sahara. Paradise! Vouvray is actually a region of France and the main grape that comes from Vouvray is Chenin Blanc. So in essence, a Vouvray is Chenin Blanc. The Loire Valley is also known for it’s beautiful countrysides, grand castles, ancient cities, and fresh delectable wines. A perfect getaway for the wine connoisseur who wants to live history, taste amazing wines, and avoid the touristy Bordeaux, Champagne, or Paris, France. But lets talk more about this impressive Chenin Blanc.

In the glass, daybright with a clear, straw yellow color. Very fragrant with fresh aroma’s of apple, ripe pear, orange blossom, and stone fruits. Across the palate, light to medium in body, crisp, but still soft in character. On the first sip, bright flavors of orange citrus, pineapple, mango, and white peach. My taste buds felt so tropical, it was ready for a luau! On the second sip, more citrus dominated the flavors with hints of honeydew and ginger which lead to a vibrant minerality on the finish. If you enjoy dry, refreshing style wines, this Vouvray is as straight as an arrow and right on target! It is a dry wine and the ripe sweetness comes from the fresh fruit that is in the wine with no residual sugar. That makes it a perfect compliment to foods like Sweet and Sour Chicken, Roasted Turkey, Salmon, Summer Salads, and soft to medium cow cheeses. This Vouvray was meant to be enjoyed within 3-4 years of the vintage date so I would drink by the end of 2017. A great all-round Chenin Blanc that is well balanced, dry, and fruit driven. 90 Points and around $15 a bottle. WineSplashing!!


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