Oxley Estate Riesling – Lake Erie North Shore VQA

Oxley Garden

Oxley Garden

It is so rewarding to find great wines from micro-climates that most people may have never heard about! It is just a matter of time before the world discovers that wineries from Ontario, Canada along the Lake Erie North Shore are making world class wines on a regular basis. There are about a dozen wineries in this area with more on the way. Oxley Estate Winery is a local favorite because of the ambiance of the winery, great food, excellent customer service, and amazing wines! And this Riesling is one that will wake up the taste buds and put your palate on high alert…in a good way!

Oxley Riesling

Oxley Riesling

In the glass, lemon yellow in color, clear, and day bright along the rim. Aroma’s of fresh pear, peach, spice, with nice floral notes. Medium weight mouth-feel across the palate with oily tones and a crisp acidity. Vibrant flavors of bright citrus, D’anjou pear, young apricot, and a whisper of ginger. But it is difficult to whisper when the flavors are exploding from the glass! This must be Oxley’s version of Riesling TNT! On the second sip, flavors of Honeycrisp apple, sweet grapefruit, and hints of pineapple meld with a pleasing minerality on the finish. Dry in style and nicely balanced between the ripe fruit and minerality. A great Riesling to pair with Asian dishes, pork, ham, Chicken Caesar Salad, and medium cheeses. 92 Points! Average of $18 a bottle. WineSplashing!!

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  • I grew up in that area. Haven’t truly had the wine in a while aside from some of the usual suspects at my local LCBO. Taking a wine/bike trip through there in the summer. Will do some research and make many stops. Thanks.

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