Noboleis Vineyards Baril De Blanc (Vidal Blanc)

Baril De Blanc

Baril De Blanc

When Robert and Lou Ann Nolan purchased 74 acres of land in Augusta, Missouri in 2005 with dreams of starting a winery, they probably had no idea what fantastic wines would emerge from those vines. Now their winery dreams have become reality and some of the best wines out of Augusta is produced right here at Noboleis Vineyards. Noboleis has something for everyone with red and white wines that range from dry to sweet, rosé, and  festive sparkling wines. One of the favorites is a barrel fermented Vidal Blanc called Baril De Blanc that has been superb in every vintage. In the glass, bright yellow in color with hints of gold and very clear. On the nose, aroma’s of fresh citrus, pear, with hints of oak and butterscotch. A velvety texture across the palate, full bodied, but with some crisp notes. This may be a Vidal Blanc but it has the weight of a Chardonnay! Flavors of citrus, ripe D’anjou pear, sweet apple, and oak. Can Heaven be sinful because I am feeling devilishly Angelic right now! On the second sip, more pear comes through with a hint of nuttiness which lead to a long, buttery oak finish.This would be a wonderful wine to go with most any type of chicken dish, smoked salmon, a hearty salad, or medium cheeses. If you have a vintage 2014 Baril De Blanc, you can drink this up through 2018. The flavors are varietally correct and it is nicely balanced. A fun and festive white wine that is perfect for warm weather and your upcoming events and parties. A definite 90 point wine! WineSplashing!!

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