Avalon California “CAB” Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

Isle of Avalon by karmievaryaThere are many intriguing stories of a mystical island called Avalon. Many stories of King Arthur visiting the island and forging his sword Excalibur there. And tales about the abundant lush gardens, beautiful people, and dreams of paradise were all part of the legendary Isle of Avalon. It was said that the Isle of Avalon was a place of wonder, healing, peace, and the renewing of ones spirit. How could anyone resist a magical place like this? You may not be able to truly visit this heavenly wonderland but you can experience the wine that pays tribute to this legendary island. Avalon California “CAB” Cabernet Sauvignon is named after the Isle of Avalon and offers you to experience its own paradise of the senses! Antonio Treviño is the Senior Winemaker for Avalon Winery and he sources the best grape varieties from the most distinctive growing areas around California! Antonio uses proven wine making techniques and fuses it with modern technology to produce the best flavors possible. And that 2013 had an ideal growing season in California so it is no wonder that this blend of 76% Cabernet Sauvignon, 12% Zinfandel, 8% Syrah, and 4% Merlot is so scrumptious!

Avalon CAB

Avalon CAB

In the glass, ruby red in color with a tinge of purple on the rim. Playful aroma’s of ripe raspberry, warm blueberry pie, mocha, black licorice, and baking spices fill the senses. Full bodied across the palate, silky mouth-feel, with a medium tannin structure. Juicy flavors of ripe dark plums, dried red currant, black cherry, and teasing spices. An obvious legend in the making! On the second sip, seductive red fruit flavors were pronounced with hints of blackberry leads to a long, eloquent vanilla oak finish. Bravo! A wonderful mosaic of flavors intermingled in harmony to please your palate, heart, and soul.

AvalonVineIt is hard to find a wine with such quality and character at a price that anyone can afford. This “Wine for the Soul” is rich, luscious, and has an impressive 13.8% alcohol level hidden inside! Pair with Spiced Herb Beef Roast, grilled burgers, meat or vegetarian pizza, and medium to strong cheeses. Flavorful, balanced, jammy, and a convincing 91 point rating!  Legendary singer “Cab” Calloway wrote his song “Avalon”, which was about falling in love in Avalon, leaving his love there, and the anticipation of going back to her. In the same thought, this Cabernet is one you will fall in love with and you will always want to “Go Back” to as your everyday wine. You can drink this wine now or cellar through 2018. But there is no reason to wait when the Avalon California “CAB” Cabernet is usually under $10 a bottle! WineSplashing!!

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