Pine Ridge Forefront Pinot Noir 2013

Forefront Pinot Noir

Forefront Pinot Noir

Wine does not like to loom in dark corners. Wine does not like to be forgotten about and tossed aside like your dirty socks. So if you buy two bottles of wine and only drink one, don’t forget about the other bottle that you left in your basement or cellar. I tell you this from experience because I reconnected with this bottle of wine a week or two later in my basement cellar, looming in the corner, alone and afraid. I felt terrible that I hadn’t given him the attention that he needed so I immediately brought him upstairs and opened him up so he could tell me his story.

In the glass, garnet in color with very deep nuances. Aroma’s of black cherry, plum, nutmeg, and cedar filled my senses. Medium to full bodied, good acidity, and silky across the palate. Bright flavors of blackberry, ripe black cherry, tobacco, and spice. So many flavors exploding from my glass, it felt like the 4th of July! On the second sip, more dark berry flavors were pronounced along with notes of cherry pie and cinnamon. Hints of raspberry and cedar led to a long and lively finish. Very complex with layers of flavors but nicely structured. A great Pinot Noir that can go it alone, but remember, he doesn’t really like to be alone. He would rather be paired up with great foods like pork roast, barbecue chicken, pasta with tomato sauce, Portobello Mushroom Burger, or medium cheeses.

This Pinot Noir is too good to forget about or leave in the cellar. It deserves your attention now and asks only that you bring him to your dinner party to socialize with you and your guests. You won’t be disappointed. 93 Points! Average of $18 a bottle. WineSplashing!!


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