Sandhill Crane Vineyards “840” Ruby Port NV

840 - Sweet Ruby Port

840 – Sweet Ruby Port

We love most styles of wine and port is one those styles that we drink in celebration or on a cold night. Just our luck that we got both last night when we celebrated a cold Christmas night with a very nice ruby red port from Sandhill Crane Vineyards! One of the only wineries in our local area. We purchased this wine from the winery itself last summer and planned to save it for the holidays. It is a 500ml bottle and was around $49 in price…. but worth every penny. We opened the bottle and discovered fragrances of dried plum, tobacco, and sweet caramel. It had a very deep, garnet color in our glass. The mouthfeel was full bodied, soft, with velvety oils. Beautifully sculpted edges that rounded out any harsh tannins over the palate. Sweet flavors of vanilla, ripe plums, figs, and herbs. A long, smooth finish that showed even more vanilla, caramel, and a hint of tobacco. Very smooth, sweet, and balanced with a warming sensation from the higher alcohol level. This is definitely a fortified wine that is made to replace a sweet dessert and would satisfy any vanilla or caramel lovers fantasy! Full, lush, and polished.

As you can tell, we truly loved this port wine and it really enhanced our holiday celebration. We give this Sandhill Crane 840 Red Port NV a deserving 93 point score! Soft, velvety, fruity, herbal, warming, and balanced. Terms like ‘Nectar of the Gods’ come to mind. If you are a port fan, this is a sweet port wine to experience and we are proud that it was produced in Michigan. If you can find this port in town or online, treat yourself to a bottle because we all deserve to be spoiled once in awhile. WineSplashing!!


  • Still have not made it there yet, but determined to go. Not much else around Ann Arbor, as you said…

    • About 2 years ago, Sandhill Crane had a Mardi Gras party in February and it was a fun event with great wine and food! If they have it again this February, it would make it worth the trip. There are a few other wineries out towards Jackson that are decent like Lone Oak and Chateau Aeronautique, but I feel Sandhill is still the best! Happy New Year!

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