2009 Colaneri Stellucha Riesling Riserva

2009 Colaneri Stellucha Reisling Riserva from the Niagara region of Canada.

2009 Colaneri Stellucha Reisling Riserva from the Niagara region of Canada.

Some wines you sip and savor and others you can’t help but “experience”. This Colaneri Stellucha Riesling Riserva is one wine to experience and enjoy. We call the wines we bring home from our wine journeys “Postcards” and this is a wonderful postcard from our past trip to the Niagara region in Canada last summer. We enjoy the wine, relive our trip through our Liquid Postcard and reminisce about our experiences!

The Colaneri Estate Vineyard is a winery marvel with a beautiful Italian facade on the outside and even more amazing wines being produced inside! We brought home the 2009 Stellucha Riesling Riserva and had been looking forward to opening it for quite awhile. We finally opened our bottle last night and found we brought home the right choice. In the glass, daybright with light golden hues. On the nose, lemons, oranges, and apricots filled our senses with delight! The mouthfeel was full bodied, oily, with softer acids. Flavors of young peaches, apricots, citrus, spice, and a hint of floral on the palate. A long finish which includes orange zest, more peach, mineral, and a crisp but not edgy finish. A great wine to pair with medium to sharp cheeses, seafood/shrimp,  ham, pasta with cream sauces, salads, turkey, and baked/broasted chicken.

We feel this is one of the better North American Rieslings that are out there. We give the 2009 Colaneri Stellucha Riesling Riserva a well deserved 90 Points. Great balance of fruit, mineral, and spice with a long finish. A wonderful performance, applause, take a bow, and hopefully an encore (of having another bottle!). Alas, our encore can only be one bottle at this time but we will make our trip back in 2013 for more Colaneri Riesling then. It will probably be the next vintage but that is ok with us. When you can experience your wine trip again with these “Liquid Postcards”, it makes life even more worth living! Next year, we will have a case of Colaneri Winery “Postcards” making its way back with us so we can share them with you. WineSplashing!!

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