Wine Review: 2011 Boekenhoutskloof ‘The Wolftrap’ Red

Lingering in South Africa last evening as we were sipping The Wolftrap red wine. This is a blend that is mostly Syrah, followed by Mourvedre and Viognier. I will be honest and say I became hooked on the Wolftrap 2008 vintage but felt the 2009 was a bit lackluster. The 2009 changed to an American Palate wine which was overly fruity, soft, & a bit flabby. It made me wonder what would be in this 2011 bottle. I must say the great flavors are back and this is an impressive wine again! This wine has a very vivid red color and purplish on the edges. The nose had a nice aroma of dark berry, violets, smoke, and a bit of funk…. which is usually a good thing. (for us anyway). On the palate, it was full bodied, silky, and a feeling of some nice tannins. Flavors of black currants, dried plums, tobacco, & spice teased my taste buds! As the wine opened up more, more hints of smoke, vanilla, and a long smooth finish. Pair this with medium to strong cheeses, grilled steak, pasta with tomato sauce (with or without meat), and mushroom burgers. Or for the vegetarian – Portobello Mushroom Burgers! The smoke and funk will be like a symphony!

We are so glad that the 2011 Boekenhoutskloof Wolftrap is back and tastes like our favorite 2008 vintage. So now we have 2 favorite vintages! Intense dark fruit flavors, spice, smoke, & a bit of funk. Perfect for us! We do think an 89 point rating is deserving. If you have a 2011, this should keep well through 2014. WineSplashing!!


  • Cool. I have seen this bottle a couple of time, now I will make an effort to pick one up.

  • Make sure its the 2011. I havent had the 2010 so that may be good. The 2009 is kind of like Apothic Red or those new softer American red blends. The 2011 is worth it and I got it for $10

  • Reblogged this on The Blunt Instrument and commented:
    No one believes me about bacon wine, so here it is. Seriously. Now, this review mentions smoke flavour, but when I bought my bottle, it was advertised in the store as tasting of “dark berries, plums and smokey bacon”. Which it totally did.
    I drank it while watching Sharknado. Which I will totally go to the theatres to see if they actually swing that deal–I haven’t laughed hard enough to get hiccups in a long time.
    Or maybe that was the wine…
    On a more sober note, I have seen the cover and it is FINE!!!! Fine like Charlie Hunnam in a shower scene. I lucked out totally when I got April Martinez for my cover art. Sexy, classy and oh, so Glyn.
    Am I going to show it to you?
    Nope. Big reveal is a little ways away yet, but not too long. And, I’ll be holding a couple of giveaways, one through the blog here and one through Joyfully Jay, to make up for it in the time before Bite Me Tender releases. So stay tuned!

    • Thanks for the great review on The Wolftrap Red wine, Kate! Sounds like we may have the same palate for the good wines. I know the 2011 was one of South Africa’s best vintage years so I am looking for more wines from that year. I enjoyed reading your review and Yes, there was a bit of smokey bacon on the finish of The Wolftrap! Something that you won’t believe will taste good until you try it. I will start following your reviews and check out some of the wines you have tried. I have been so busy at work, I had to stop writing wine reviews since I didnt have time. But now I am going to get back in the saddle and get back to writing. Hope you have a great holiday!

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