Wine Review: 2006 Trivento Golden Reserve Malbec

ImageWoW! We are glad we waited on this wine because its been calling our name for over a year now to drink it! This bottle came in a clean white tissue paper so it just screams Elegance! and Drink Me! But patience pervailed and we found a very pleasing, flavorful wine. On sight, garnet color with bright ruby edges. On the nose came violets, cherry, mocha, and spice! (especially by the time the wine opened up at the 2nd glass). The mouthfeel was very rich, oily, and full bodied. On the palate, an abundance of rich dark berry, mocha, cinnamon spice, and oak. The tannins have kept up their strength over the years because there was still a nice grip over the palate and a long, lush finish. This wine and red meat are a marriage made in Heaven! Pair with a grilled steak, rich tomato meat pasta’s, strong cheeses, or a beef prepared with light spices.

We love this wine! Rich, full bodied, zesty, excellent fruit, and a long, robust finish. We give this 2006 Trivento Golden Reserve Malbec a 93 point rating. On our SiNoTas scale, a strong A rating for sure! Its one of those situations where you knew you should have bought more of this wine years ago and now that you love it, it will be difficult to find more. But such as life. We enjoyed this wine experience and the patience was well worth it. If you have a 2006 vintage, I would drink it now or within the next 6 months. Its at the peak of perfection now. WineSplashing!!


  • How do you feel about Ice Wines? Our local vineyard here “Casa Larga” has award winning ice wine. I’m just curious what the general feeling is about ice wine from avid wine drinkers? 🙂

    • Its funny you ask since we just drank a Late Harvest Pinot Gris from Anthony Road Winery and loved it! We do like and appreciate Late Harvest wines and Ice Wines. But we really don’t buy many ultra sweet wines through the year since we like to pair a bottle of wine with food. We always have a bottle of wine with dinner most nights of the week. If we finish that bottle and still want more wine, then we will move to something sweeter like an ice wine or maybe a port. But usually one bottle a night of wine is enough for us……..usually. LoL! Its funny I love the really big dry red and white wines and then the ultra sweet on the other end of the spectrum, but nothing in the middle. We love going to the Finger Lakes and go wine tasting! My best friend lives in Farmington, NY and we usually visit twice a year and always go to the wineries. We did go to Casa Larga Winery last May and really liked their wines! I don’t remember trying an ice wine there though. I will have to check it out next time. What about you two? Do you like all wines or just certain types? Talk to you later!

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