Wine Review: 2008 Anthony Road “Bellaria” Late Harvest Pinot Gris

Sweet Serenity

Ok, we appreciate all types of wine from dry to sweet, fruit wines, bubbly’s, and ports.But you will normally find us drinking a nice big cabernet, spicy shiraz, or brut champagne! We went out on a limb and purchased a sweet late harvest wine this past spring since we have a cellar full of everything else. We just opened that bottle tonight and we are so glad that limb held out for us. It was wonderful! We drank the 2008 Anthony Road “Bellaria” Late Harvest Pinot Gris from the Finger Lakes region in New York. On sight, this wine was a rich, clear, golden color. On the nose, ripe tropical fruits, apple, musk, and raisins. On the palate, the mouthfeel was full bodied, creamy, oily, and soft. Flavors of ripe pear, baked apple, apricot, and honey. Long smooth finish with more sweet honey and dried apricot. Just a great dessert wine with lots of flavor and sweetness.

On our SiNoTas Scale, we give the 2008 Anthony Road “Bellaria” Late Harvest Pinot Gris an A. The flavors were soft and sweet, lots of fruit, fun, and decadent. We would love to buy more of this but I have found out is is already sold out. Hopefully there will be a 2009 or 2010 available someday soon. WineSplashing!!

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