Wine Review: St Hallett GST Grenache/Shiraz/Touriga

2008 St Hallett GST

We had barbecued pork chops tonight and figured this would be a nice pairing and it was! The wine was a bright ruby color in the glass. On the nose, lots of dark berry, cherry, petrol, and oaky notes. On the palate, the wine was between medium and full bodied and a soft mouthfeel. Flavors of ripe plum, black cherry, earth, & a light oak. Not a long finish but pleasing and just enough tannins to give good structure. This wine would pair well with barbecue chicken or pork chops, medium cheeses, pasta with a tomato sauce base, and even pizza! If you have a 2008 St Hallett GST, I think this wine would have enough Ooomph to get you til the end of 2013 but would drink it by then before any flavors fade.

On our SiNoTas scale, we give this wine a B+. Good color, easy to drink, and lots of satisfying flavors. Won’t blow your socks off but a nice wine for dinner or sipping on the patio. I look forward to trying a newer vintage soon! WineSplashing!

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