3 Easy Steps to Rating Wine

SiNoTas” is a rating scale we developed that takes the average of Sight, Nose and Taste of a wine. When we rate a wine, we assign to 10 points for the sight, 10 points for the nose (aroma), and 10 points for the taste. So a wine could score up to 30 points which would it an A+. The rating system we use runs according to this scale:

29-30 points – A+

27-28 points – A

25-26 points – A-

23-24 points – B+

21-22 points – B

19-20 points – B-

17-18 points – C+

15-16 points – C

13- 14 points – C-

Anything 12 points or less is not worth rating or drinking so it would be considered a Do Not Try or Buy.

We give the highest points in each category for each wine that is consistent with the variety of grape it is. For example, a Pinot Grigio is usually pale or straw yellow in color. If the Pinot Grigio we are rating holds these colors true, we would give it 9 or 10 points depending on our personal opinions. A Pinot Grigio nose normally has a bright, citrusy, and flowery fragrance. If the Pinot Grigio we are reviewing has these qualities and it is to our satisfaction, we would give it a 9 or 10. And we follow the same system for taste. Of course, everyone’s opinion and tastes are different so you may not prefer the wines we have rated highly. But if you do, then you may also like the other wines we have given high ratings and it would be worth your while to try them!

The Wine Splash rating system is easy to understand so feel free to use it for yourself. Open a bottle of wine now and give it a try! Winesplashing!

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