Wine Review: 2010 Noboleis Vineyards Vidal Blanc

Sometimes you just turn off the beaten path and try to find something different. While touring with friends who live in Augusta, Missouri, we came across a nice little winery called Noboleis (noble eyes) Vineyards. We tried many good wines here but left with Baril De Blanc which is a Vidal Blanc. This Vidal Blanc is barrel fermented and sur-lie aged so it could definitely pack a punch! On sight, the wine is day bright and is clear with a straw color. On the nose, aromas of citrus, pear, toasted oak, and butterscotch. Very interesting and appealing at the same time! But on the palate, it has a full mouthfeel with about the same consistency as a chardonnay. Crisp in the beginning with lots of citrus fruit and oak. Flavors of pear come through with a hint of nuttiness. The finish is long with lots of buttery oak that goes on forever! This would be a wonderful wine to go with most any type of chicken dish, smoked salmon, or a hearty salad. If you have a vintage 2010 Baril De Blanc, I would drink this no later than 2013. The flavors are correct right now and its nicely balanced.

So for the Noboleis Baril De Blanc (Vidal Blanc), I would score this wine as an A- on the SiNoTas scale or 89 points. Vidal Blanc can sometimes have some odd flavors but this one was done right! Good balance between fruit and oak, nice legs, long finish. A good wine at the right price. So if you are in the beautiful hills around Augusta, Missouri visiting the wineries, make a stop at Noboleis Vineyards and pick up a Baril De Blanc or two. If you like the chardonnay style, then you are sure to enjoy this wine. Winesplashing!

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