Wine Review: N.V. Mionetto Il Prosecco Sparkling Wine

So it’s Sunday afternoon and we already missed brunch but we’re still in the mood for something tasty and exciting. What better answer is there but a nice dry style prosecco! It has been awhile since we had the Mionetto Il Prosecco but we do keep a couple extra bottles in our cellar for relaxing afternoons. Put the corkscrew aside since this prosecco has a “Crown” and you will need a bottle opener instead. Straw colored and fun – it’s a party in our glasses! On the nose, notes of fresh-cut pears, melon, and apples. On the palate, flavors of ripe, juicy apples, citrus, and stone fruit. A good balance of fruit with a soft, lightly effervescent finish. It is a very casual, laid-back wine…simple, yet appealing. After drinking a glass or two, we added some blueberries and muddled them up in our glasses – it was perfect! A beautiful sunny day, a cold sparkling blueberry prosecco, and Dave Matthews on the radio…couldn’t be much better.

So on our SiNoTas scale, we give this easy-going prosecco an 84. Good tasting, very fresh, lots of fruit and a fun, festive finish. Drink this wine soon after purchase because it is not meant to age…drink this prosecco fresh. And we love being able to add more fruit if we wanted to change up the flavor – next time we are going to use raspberries or blackberries! WineSplashing!

Learn more about their wines at

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